Religion Vs Spirituality

Human Power Versus Forced Power – It’s Time To Switch

September 4th, 2017

Power. What is it? How do we use it? Who is seeking it? Why do we have a love/hate relationship with it?

“Power is just the ability to effect change.” Martin Luther King

“Powerlessness is the most dangerous state that we could ever

experience.” Brene Brown

Dictionary – what say you about power?

  • Power is the capacity or ability to direct or influence the behaviour of others or the course of events ie: a political process that offers people power over their own lives.
  • Power can be seen as a person or organization that is strong or influential within a particular context ie: he was a power in the university.
  • Power is a physical strength and force exerted by something or someone ie: the power of the storm.
  • Power is energy that is produced by mechanical, electrical, or other means and used to operate a device ie: generating power from waste.

So power has many meanings and can take on many forms.

Used incorrectly and power can lead to violence, isolation, shame, self-harm, blame.

But as MLK reminded us, power is just the ability to effect change.

Somehow we have come to the belief that power is finite and that if we share it then we somehow have less of it ourselves. But that’s just not the case. That is not your unique power. Your unique power is infinite.

Forced power on the other hand is zero sum. Using forced power over someone or something eventually reaches a breaking point. A point where cracks occur.

We are seeing these cracks appearing politically, socially and economically today in our modern world. Those with forced power are exerting their last grasp for control over and domination of. We are witnessing desperate, fearful people struggling to keep a hold of their power and fighting to maintain the old ways of living and being.

Eventually that will break too.

It’s time to flick the switch.

Time to switch to a new way of leading. To switch from forced power to human power, to a world based on the human qualities of partnership, collaboration and shared power.

What the world needs now are a new breed of leaders, expander leaders with expansive ways of thinking, being and doing. We need leaders, with and without title from business, community, politics, sport, religion and culture both in developed and developing countries, to engage, listen and work together.

When a leader uses their position to force power over others by definition they disempower others from living and owning their own unique power. It stops them from sharing their perspective, their stories and their views as well as their emotional, cognitive and spiritual experience. When power is forced we contract, become contained and shrink. Time and time again throughout history there has been no clear evidence that forced power is effective or lasting.

We as leaders in our families, companies and communities have a role to play in flicking the switch, exchanging forced power for human power. It’s time for us to have braver conversations, to begin to illuminate and challenge our own unconscious biases privileges and beliefs and begin to move to a place of expansion and humanity.

When human power is shared it grows and expands to limitless possibilities. When we begin seeing ourselves as one race – the human race – where each and every individual has the opportunity to fully allow, evolve and step into our unique personal power and come from a place of love, not fear only then will the world begin to tilt.

This is an inside out game. And it begins with you. If you want to tilt the world for good all you have to do is #startwithU.

God’s Promise According to the Book of Isaiah

August 16th, 2017

The Prophecies in the Old Testament are coming true, as experienced by events of recent times. The bible is a contaminated document but parts of it contain the prophecies and in them lie important messages pertinent to now. None more so, perhaps, than the one where we are told God will go before us and make the crooked places straight (Isaiah 45:2). That is an interesting scenario as the entire world is caked in corruption.

My reincarnation provided knowledge that all have returned as promised because we are in the last days. The proof of this is the massive population explosion of recent times. The other pointer is the arrival of the Internet, it is promised to appear in the last days as the highest mountain from which God can speak to the world (Micah 4:1)

What Isaiah talks about is the children of Israel. They are the spiritual ones who are also called God’s vineyard or garden (Isaiah 5:4,6). These are the people who were seeded with Spirit at the start of the day of the lord. They, like everyone else, have reincarnated six times.

“Behold, I have refined thee, but not with silver; I have chosen thee in the furnace of affliction” Isaiah 48:10

Through every lifetime and suffering we have been refined. Built up and cast down again and each time it was a test. Through the afflictions we have grown in spiritual power and remained close to God. Those who strayed off the path are lost.

When compelled to accept religions and to pray to false gods we were lost and imprisoned behind the wall of deceit. The threats of hell and blasphemy, and so on, made us stronger inside to know the truth. Many have searched and wanted to find the link that was stolen from them and that is why God promised these words:

“I will go before thee and make the crooked places straight: I will break in sunder the gates of brass, and cut in sunder the bars of iron” (ibid 45:2).

Many are unaware of how strong those gates or bars are but they are nothing more than the imagination. There is no heaven or hell, devil, angels, or saints. These things are lies designed to keep the ‘faithful’ from straying. It is a trap to capture the children of God and to stop the knowledge of things like reincarnation and communication with the Spirit from being known.

This is the treasure that was taken from them. There is no such thing as sin or judgment. The spiritual can do no wrong because they have the link that leads and guides their every move. It is the voice within and the power behind us.

“And I will give thee the treasure of darkness, and hidden riches of secret places, that thou may know that I am God, which call thee by thy name, am the God of Israel” (ibid 45:3)

The day has been one of correction and proof. Now we are at the end of it and there is one more promise.

“… Israel shall be saved in God with an everlasting salvation: ye shall not be ashamed nor confounded world without end” (ibid 45:17)

This is the inheritance that only those of Israel, who are the spiritual people of God, will receive. Everyone else will be gone forever. This is the purpose of the day and of life itself. While we have all lived many times it’s now that the separation of good from evil is taking place.

The Film Baraka – Unique Portrayal of Religion and Spirituality

December 19th, 2016

The blur Baraka introduces a array of angle apropos adoration and adherence aural the above ambience of the animal experience. It in fact embraces the account of adoration and adherence in means abounding would acquisition some accommodation in their convenance based on the blackout attributes of the film, and the abridgement of articulate delivery by the characters portrayed throughout the film. Actually, the angle taken by the blur on this accountable are all-embracing and beat that of a adit eyes appearance apropos adoration and spirituality.

In essence, this blur embraces the account of adoration and adherence in the above ambience of the animal acquaintance in assorted means for individuals from altered cultures and societies above the globe. First and foremost, the blur depicts the development of adoration primarily about amusing cultures, norms, and traditions. These depictions accept become some of the means individuals are afflicted by amusing behaviors stemming from the appliance and use of moral alignment aural their societies and cultures.

Based on the above, one could infer that these behaviors embrace adoration in altered means and access charge or adherence for a accurate religious acceptance or acknowledgment based on alone beliefs. Such behavior aswell agree to that of a person’s affection or institutionally anchored bearing, attitude, disposition, practice, or philosophy. These could aswell construe to a cause, principle, or arrangement of acceptance captivated in accepted by a religious faith.

Alternatively, the blur shows adherence as the comestible animation and transformative action which extends adoration to a viable, inspiring, and acceptable activity central a person. According to the film, the aspect of adherence is generated from central an individual. On the added hand, adoration lies outside. Actually, spiritually cannot be accustomed to a being unless the architect connects with that being or the being with the creator; however, an alignment is able of arty adoration based on the person’s undedicated accord and the affecting ability of an organization.

Based on the film, one is able to see that adherence comes from inside; alternatively, adoration comes from outside. Adherence is again anchored in cocky compassionate of one’s absoluteness by acquiescence to a college power. The college ability in this attention is the approved acceptance and acceptance that is above the person’s intellect; such a ability one would commonly acquisition in the persona of God, who is an archetypal in nature. As apparent in the film, if one is acclimatized in confinement and attributes one will appear to acquisition God in one’s affection as a “Supreme Power,” which brings about the aspect of adherence as an addendum of religion.

Religion Vs Spirituality

December 15th, 2016

In the apple as it is currently, there is abundant agitation amid assorted acceptance systems: atheism, assorted religious groupings and spirituality. Adherence should not be abashed with spiritualism, which has a strong, if even an unconventional, religious bias. There is a perceived battle amid adoration and spirituality, although this is added on the allotment of religionists, whatever the creed.

Spirituality has able humanist influences, with altruism generally arena a axial part. However, there is in fact no battle – there is annihilation endlessly you from getting both religious and spiritual. This is like the perceived battle amid adoration and the Theory of Evolution. Evolution could artlessly be apparent as a apparatus created by God to acquiesce assorted creatures to acclimate to alteration ecology and ecological altitude and accustomed as such; instead of the antic fuss that was in actuality generated over what should accept been a non-issue and which still continues to an extent.

The botheration is that a lot of religions accept actual austere rules about what followers of that adoration accept to accept and how they should beam their faith. In this context, avant-garde science behaves actual abundant like a adoration and scientists like the a lot of biased of believers. Adherence has no rules – humans are chargeless to accept whatever acceptance they can cope with at a accurate time. The alone absolute “rules” are that anybody accept to acquisition a claimed band-aid and anybody in actuality has a altered aisle to follow, although there may be commonalities. However, there are approaches which accept been begin to be accessible and others which accept been begin to impede progress. The aboriginal Gnostic Christians consort these behavior of and were afflicted by the accustomed Church for political reasons, although they may accept been afterpiece to the aboriginal article of Jesus.

Perhaps the greatest aberration amid adoration and adherence lies in this actual fact. Airy humans see anybody as getting on a claimed journey, with no harder and fast rules as to how to ability the end, or even what constitutes the end, and getting alone amenable for that journey. Altruism is axiological to this attitude. Abounding religions, on the added hand, attention such altruism as a blackmail and acknowledge accordingly.

A lot of airy people, for instance, would be afflictive with the abstraction that “you are your brother’s keeper”. Alone your brother is amenable for whatever aisle is chosen. There is no appropriate aisle and no amiss path, and ultimately all will ability the aforementioned destination in their own way. There can be no abortion either, in these terms, and no one is doomed.

Interestingly, neither adherence nor some religions in fact appeal a acceptance in a “God” as such – science has no behavior in a greater getting (although abounding scientists are themselves religious or airy people). Communism aswell does not accept a “God”, although it has abounding of the attributes of a religion, as does Capitalism to a bottom extent. Abounding airy humans adopt to allege of “Source” instead of “God”. Whatever the appellation the abstraction is the aforementioned – whether one speaks of “The Force” or “Source” or “Mother Nature” or any one of the abounding means of cogent the abstraction of something greater than ourselves or just “All That Is”, of which we all are an basal allotment and connected. Conceivably a assurance of achievement is that abounding of the added abstinent followers of even the a lot of antipathetic religions do not accept the bent of others that is in actuality required, and they may be perceived as a bigger blackmail by fanatics than followers of added religions

A airy being may chase a accurate adoration as well, but will generally accept problems with accustomed capacity of exclusivity, inherent sin, and the unworthiness of its adherents – generally in bucking with the article of the aboriginal founders. This is conceivably why so abounding seekers acquisition themselves added adequate with Buddhism, which is added a way of cerebration and set of attitudes rather than a accurate religion. Another aspect which may be a botheration is the able assurance of so abounding religions on bogus abhorrence to accumulate believers in analysis and accomplish them chase the official dogma. For many, this is a bright assurance of egocentric interests at plan in the advance of the history of a adoration which accept shaped its final doctrine. Even science has the blackmail of excommunication and uses it, generally adverse to its own accurate attempt which crave an accessible mind.

When you appear appropriate down to it, if your aisle requires you to chase a accurate acceptance arrangement and chase a set arrangement of rules that is fine. But there can be no absolution for coercing or banishment others into afterward the aforementioned aisle – even Mohamed accustomed Christians. Conceivably the better shortcoming of accustomed religions is that they don’t accumulate clip with changes in chastity due to changes in society, although this may sometimes be perceived as strength.

But there are a few actual basal accepted moral attempt consistently angle true, and Hippocrates may accept bidding one of them best if he said, “First, do no harm.” Conceivably the best foundation is artlessly account for others based on the honest account for oneself and the solid arch of actual love……


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